Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Make Money From Your Blog

Looking to turn your blog into a cash cow? Well here are several ways that you can do just that! Our first way of making money with your blog is called “Flagship Blogging”. This is the most profitable, yet the most time consuming of all the blogging efforts. This method concentrates on just a few of your blogs and monetizes them with direct advertising. This method concentrates on making your blogs popular so that there is more traffic to your blog. It is also very time consuming with all the updating and other things that need to be done in order to keep the flagship going.

Our second way is the pay per post way. You set up either your own domain names and blog or use free hosts and over time, maintain them with fresh content and improve their ranking. Another way to go about this is to submit your blogs to engines such as Blogitive, Pay Per Post and other such engines of that sort. How this works is that you submit your posts to these engines, then you start writing sponsored posts on your site. This is the way that you make money using this route.

The third way is to use automated blogging. Automated blogging, called “Splog” uses blogs that use automatic pulls from RSS feeds, search engines and news feeds to create content on your site. This is a very weak profit maker and you would be advised to try another source of using blogs to make money. Number four on the list deals with links. You are basically selling text links to webmasters and others. This is a modest money maker to say the least. Your profit will depend upon your page and rank in the Google System. Our nest item up for business is Adsense.

Using this route means that you will need to create 25 keyword rich articles on certain topics, keyword and search engine optimize them, create affiliate or Adsense programs, then leave them alone. This is another way to make money with your blogs. Here is another idea for making money with your blog: Join a blogging network! You will get paid for creating and maintaining blogs on the site. There are some advantages to using this system, however if you are good at creating and maintaining blogs, then why go this route? You would be better off creating your own site for profit, if that is the case.

Now our final topic of interest is creating your own branding for profit. This only applies if you have an online business or provide a freelance service such as web design, freelance writing and so on. A web blog can be used to promote your business or service. This is an indirect way of making money and using your blog to make that money. These blogs also should not be plastered with ads or paid reviews as it can mess up your reputation that you are trying so hard to build. The money can be inconsistent going this route.

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